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Indian Summer Farm is a family farm located since November, 2006, in Moore County, North Carolina. Primarily we breed Connemara ponies. Our goal is to breed and raise ponies of such nature they will become cherished family members. We periodically have young stock available for purchase.
As a breed, the Connemara Pony comes to us from the western part of Ireland. Traditionally, they were farm draught animals who provided a variety of services for their human family. Sure-footed and cooperative “easy keepers,” they plowed fields, hauled loads over varying terrain, transported the family to town for entertainment and took part in pony races and fairs. As farm life improved with mechanization, the Connemara breed was infused with the blood of the Thoroughbred, Arab and Irish Draught to provide even more versatility to the breed and to open the door to the competition world. Modern Connemaras and Connemara crosses compete in all arenas! 

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“Indian Summer Kaylee”


“Indian Summer Keelin”

Indian Summer Shamus

Indian Summer Darby


Indian Summer Birdie


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1205 Lake Bay Road
Vass, North Carolina 28394

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